OMNIA is focusing on youth NEETs development through the lens of a green and circular economy model. The knowledge and skills development about this topic is a necessity to develop among young people to support them in tackling unemployment and low skilled employment rate which can weaken the human capital of the country.



Develop knowledge
Create opportunities
Innovative training
Establish the network

1. Develop knowledge

Develop knowledge and practical skills courses - for NEETs on green and circular economy to build a sustainable future for creating resilient communities. The knowledge and skills training courses will be given through workshops, tailored soft skills training, and through an e-learning system.

2. Create opportunities

Create opportunities for all to tackle gender gaps in terms of getting equal access to education, training related to the green and circular economy, and get information about opportunities like competition, grant and funding which are able to support them to plan, develop and implement their green business’ ideas and models in the future.

3. Innovative training

Prepare and help the NEETs to stimulate on developing green and circular economy business model ideas through innovative training courses and expert network consultation with the target around at least 180 participants - 30 participants/partner.

4. Establish the network

Establish the networking between the NEETs and expert network to strengthen ideas of the partnership, planning and implementation. It will help the NEETs to improve partnership opportunities, grow the ideas and implement it to real work better and more effectively.