3rd Transnational Project Meeting of OMNIA

We take great pride in our involvement in the OMNIA EU project, which aims to empower NEETs through the implementation of a green and circular economy model. By providing young individuals with essential knowledge and skills in this critical area, we are actively addressing the issue of unemployment and fostering the development of human capital in our country.
Recently, we had the opportunity to convene in Malta for a project meeting hosted by MALTANOW. During this gathering, partners VBB, IGEA, SDSN, SSF, and MIXT SOURCE came together to engage in productive discussions regarding the project’s outcomes and to plan for our upcoming Transnational Project Meeting and LTTA in Belgium. We are thrilled about the exciting prospects ahead as we collaborate to create a meaningful impact.
Stay tuned for forthcoming updates as we forge ahead, paving the way for a sustainable and inclusive future. Together, we can actively contribute to shaping a greener world for future generations!

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