2nd Transnational Project Meeting

During the second Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) of the OMNIA Project, which took place on November 17-18, 2022, in Brussels, Belgium, the host organization, Sustainable Development Studies Network (SDS Network), facilitated discussions among all the partners involved in the project. The partners present at the TPM included SDS Network (Belgium), IGEA (Turkey), VBB (Portugal), SSF (Spain), MaltaNOW (Malta), and MSM (Romania).

The primary objective of the TPM was to bring together the consortium partners and establish a strategy to maintain and enhance the project’s performance and progress. The partners engaged in discussions on various topics related to the project, including the development of project results with the utmost possible quality.

In addition to the meetings held in Brussels, IGEA, along with the other consortium partners, undertook field visits. These visits likely involved going to specific locations or sites relevant to the OMNIA Project. The purpose of these field visits may have been to gather information, conduct research, or gain practical insights that would contribute to the overall objectives of the project.

The TPM and the field visits provided an opportunity for the consortium partners to collaborate, exchange knowledge and experiences, and further strengthen their partnership in the OMNIA Project.

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