1st Transnational Project Meeting

On 6th/7th of June , IGEA participated in the OMNIA kickoff meeting occurred in Porto, Portugal. The meeting was successfully completed. The OMNIA partnership consists of experienced organizations from, Portugal, Belgium, Turkey, Malta, Spain and Romania. The partners had the opportunity to plan the next steps for the progress of OMNIA.

OMNIA is a project that was started with the support of the Erasmus+ program. It was approved by the Portuguese National Agency. The project focuses in particular on NEETs development through the lens of a green and circular economy model.The development of knowledge and skills on this topic is critical among young people in order to support them in combating unemployment and low skilled employment rates.

The kickoff meeting provided a chance for the project partners to clarify the project’s aims and determine the next stages. The following topics were for discussion:
1. The Project Results and which organization is responsible for them were reviewed.
2. Platform and social media accounts development for OMNIA
3. TPM dates to be held in partner countries have been clarified
4. A guide and working programme will be created for PR1 and PR2
5. Additional points involved in management and implementation of the project

The meeting was completed with final evaluation. The project’s partners are working together to produce efficient and high-quality results that will help NEETs to develop knowledge and practical skills on green and circular economy to build a sustainable future. IGEA is pleased to take in OMNIA Kickoff Meeting and considers it fruitful.